Rice Stalks

Rice Stalks
Rice stalks

Continuing on our edibles theme for a Flower a Day, this is a rather surprising one (for me at least) as I always associated rice with the far East and much more temperate climes. Our neighbour decided to transform a wetlands part of his property into a rice paddy. This part of his rice crop was described to me as ‘unsuccessful’, but it was such a novelty for me and I liked the look of these grains standing tall in the now dry area, so I photographed it. The other day I got a look at the ‘successful’ part of the crop and I must say it did look very edible and like rice. Edible, but rather dull as it lacks the interesting tones of these and were also hanging drying indoors, out of the growing context. Beauty is in the eye of the beholders, as always.

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  1. What a wonderful discovery, Ellie. You have very interesting and enterprising neighbours I’d say. Truly an incredible edible given that this is in Nova Scotia, I agree with you that the ‘unsuccessful’ edible is a successful photo subject. I love the range of tones and textures in this photo, and the graceful lines of the stalks. Perhaps not a flower in the conventional sense but a flower nevertheless and a prime example of thinking ‘outside the box’ (or the flower bed). Thank you, Ellie

    1. I’m so glad that my little ‘surprise’ that I shared with you all was a good one for you Janet. I didn’t get any ‘hrumph – where’s my flower?’ comments, so I guess everyone saw and was interested enough in the rarity of this in our part of the world to find it interesting, too. Back to our regular programming tomorrow! Thanks again!

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