Red Pelargonium

Red Pelargonium
Red Pelargonium

Today’s A Flower a Day posy is dedicated to all of you who faithfully come to view my posts to see what my project is offering and who make comments when they can. And specially this lovely rich pelargonium is presented in appreciation to certain friends who, it seems, have taken on their own daily project. And theirs appears to be to come up with a comment every single day on my daily flower. So thank you so much! You have no idea how much these mean to me and how I look forward to reading them. It can’t be easy to think of what to say about a flower photograph day after day, so I truly appreciate the effort you make to cheer me. Thank you!

The Flower a Day Gallery with current content is below. Each day a new photo will be added. With today’s post there are now 83 to view. Click or tap to view full size.

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4 Responses

  1. As the sun takes longer and longer to show its face, and some days barely at all, I know there is a bit of sunshine waiting for me in my inbox. I gaze at your offering of the day as I eat my breakfast and marvel anew at the genius and diversity of nature, knowing that these flowers are such a minute sampling of it all. It humbles me and fills me with gratitude at the same time. Of course, it wouldn’t have the same effect without your eye for selection and presentation. Thank you.
    Today is a red hot day. The pelargonium, maybe a bit tired around the edges, is nevertheless putting on a brave face and doing a fine job of it. I can relate to this perky posey and take its lesson with me throughout the day. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. I’m so glad if my daily offering cheers your breakfast and that I can share my discoveries with you every day. Let us hope that the need for this project eventually goes with the pandemic, but in the meantime we all put on a brave face and carry on with our lives as best we can. You know your comments cheer my day and for that I thank you.

  2. Thank you so much Ellie I just can’t get over the amazing colours on the different flowers. Also the different designs and all the types of petals that there are. Sometimes we gravitate towards one particular type and that’s all right. But they all are beautiful in their own right.

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