Red Lenten Rose

Ice N' Roses Red Lenten Rose
Ice N’ Roses Red Lenten Rose

Another flower from the garden centre trip was this beautiful Red Lenten Rose called “Ice N’ Roses”, featuring today for Flower a Day. It is a dark beauty that really stood out against all of the other bright coloured displays in front of the building. What really appealed to me about this beauty were the filaments of the stamens and anthers that stood out in such stark relief, perfectly highlighted against that rich velvet background. I know that insects see flowers differently from how we do, so I wonder what paths they discern, leading them to their food sources? We only see the design and pattern and admire it for the beauty. Which for me is enough. This is another I left in the garden centre and just took away as pixels. Enjoy your Sunday, my friends. #218

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  1. A beautiful capture of the stamens and anthers, Ellie. Like a fireworks display caught and frozen in the act of unfolding for the crowd below, the elemental details are revealed perfectly. As you mention, the backdrop, the rose petals themselves, provide an exquisite setting against which to showcase these details too…such an extraordinary hue of red, a deep maroon. Roses are often known for their stunning petals, often full and multi-layered but, once again, this rose seems to know ‘I am just the stage, I am not the show’. And right it is!
    Thank you, Ellie, for this lesson.

    1. Thanks so much as always, Janet. This lovely plant really does resemble a simple rose with its beautiful colour, but in reality is a hellebore hybrid. I didn’t find out if it had a scent (so many real roses don’t seem to), I wonder if it does. I wasn’t altogether happy with the photograph, but it was a particular challenging one with its situation, so in the end I accepted what I did manage to get. Those filaments are so striking in any case.
      Thanks again.


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