Red Lantana

Red Lantana

This beautiful Lantana gave me so much pleasure with its wonderful display this summer and it gives me just as much to share it with you today. We bought two this spring when we made our visit to the local garden centre Both little plants were full of tiny florettes of different colours above the dark green leaves. I had never seen one and it was love at first sight! It is a tropical plant and should be out of place in this anything but tropical country, but it put on a brave display (our summers are quite hot and I mulched it with pine needles).They are now quite large so obviously don’t mind their northern home. I have now dug both of them up and potted them to bring them indoors hoping that they survive the winter to bloom another year. Hope. That’s what this photo brings me and I am sending you the same sentiment as we all need it. I hope your day has a measure of such bright cheer.

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  1. Love those decorative yellow bits, like a broach to dress up its red robe. Very stylish in a tropical way. May the move indoors be successful keeping alive the hope for a replanting in the spring. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Janet. It’s so interesting to see different colours on the same spray of flowers. I have another to share which is much more varied. Another time.

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