Red Gerbera

Gerbera Daisy
Gerbera Daisy

What can be more delightful than a red Gerbera Daisy to greet you this morning? Maybe there are some equally delightful things such as kittens, puppies, coffee and cake maybe, sunshine and the sea, but this is what I have for you today so I hope it will do. 😉 . This is growing in a planter in the village, so it’s not exactly a wild flower, but it was such a splash of colour that I couldn’t resist photographing it. The weather is really beginning to warm up and now the field grasses are starting to go to seed and the hay is being made now. Things go so quickly when the Spring gets started here. It has some considerable growing time to make up to be able to give us enough food (and flowers) to keep us alive through the winter. Not for us the luxury of planting broad beans in February! But, as I say, we do tend to make up for it as you can almost see the corn growing if you stand still long enough. Have a lovely day, friends and make the most of the season, as it is so fleeting. A Flower a Day #281  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers I post, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-) ) 

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4 Responses

  1. It is almost exploding with colour and vitality, isn’t it? Happy to be alive and sending its positive vibe all the way from Nova Scotia to my small part of Ontario. It’s the perfect welcome to a nearly cloudless summer’s day. Thank you , Ellie.

    1. And you know that comes from me here in Nova Scotia, glad to share its colour and vitality with you. As your see, it’s got plenty and to spare! Thanks for your appreciation, as always.

  2. Thanks Ellie it is gorgeous. Love the vibrant color on those particular flowers. Again I’m intrigued at the way the design and the colors attract you to the center of flowers something I hadn’t really noticed that much before. Thanks again for that bright spot hope you have a good day hugs to you and Steve.

    1. I know what you mean, Linda. I have become far more aware of this and the other details, like you. Thank you, enjoy your afternoon. xo

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