Rainy Day Path

Rainy Day Path - Ellie Kennard 2014
Rainy Day Path – Ellie Kennard 2014

We had heard about a path that leads through the woods that is great for walking and snowshoeing or skiing, so I thought I would find where it was. The walk will have to wait for a day when it’s not pouring with rain, but at least now I know where it is. It looked lovely, just like a painting, seen through the rainy windscreen. I can’t wait to walk down that path when it snows… Or when it is sunny. At least not when it’s not so wet.

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  1. You are so right, +Heiko Mahr – I really hope to. 🙂 Mini themes are excellent. This week I took many photographs of birds, just didn't post most of them (any of them maybe) as others were more pleasing or appropriate. So mini themes will work for me.

  2. Thank you +Sumit Sen – I'm so glad you like it!

    Thanks as always Janet. I appreciate your comments on each posting. +Janet Patterson 

    +Patricia dos Santos Paton – thanks for stopping by and for your Lovely comment. 

    +Heiko Mahr – I have my work cut out for me on this, then, Heiko! I will do my best 😀

    Thank you +Jetski Jones – I will get the info into the calendar just as soon as I hear from you! Many folks use the resource to target their postings and I am sure yours will be a popular one.
    I will see if at some point the sun might condescend to get down into the the path area, (or the moon). It's pretty overgrown at the top, but then, you never know! 

  3. matchmaking confirmed +Janice Hackney 🙂
    Welcome Ellie to the #fromthecartuesday   theme and thank you for the wonderful 'contribution' 😀

    the path looks like a lovely destination as many have pointed out.. imagine if you get the sun or the moon to pose for you int he middle :DD

    We may have to revisit that calendar page again soon we're at it 🙂 Thanks again Ellie!

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