Purple Veined Petunias

Purple veined petunias
Purple veined petunias

Today you have a multi-flower treat in this gorgeous display of purple veined petunias that just might bring childhood memories for some. These glow like jewels against the dark leaves and even the spent flowers have a richness and texture that I really love. I hope these bring you a shout of joy in their happy trumpet shapes, on a day when perhaps you need it. Have a good day, my friends. Once again I send a hug out to you all.

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  1. The intensity of these petunias draws the observer into their midst, like a swirling vortex of purple that will not be denied. Like an invitation to dance, the lure of the happy group beckons and you soon find yourself caught up in the party. Celebrate the moment and dance on. Thank you, Ellie, for this slice of delight.

    1. You will be welcome at any party of mine, Janet, when and if parties are ever the same. Until then we can enjoy this dancing fun vicariously with these beauties, together apart! Thank you, Janet.

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