Purple Orchids

Purple Orchids
Purple orchids

The depth of colour in these orchids, offset by the bright trim was so beautiful I couldn’t resist photographing them for Flower a Day today. I couldn’t get these ones out of the plastic wrapper that you see in the background a bit and they were a little hard to reach, but that doesn’t matter as the angle worked quite well in the end. They look almost like little masks for a festival of some kind, with such gorgeous decoration. I hope your day is filled with the beauty of natural colours such as these as well as warm hugs, as I’m sending you all, right now! To view the info and gallery…

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  1. Ellie another year almost over …. what is the plan for the New Year … possibly a window or a door a day could be the go. You sure have kept yourself busy during this lock down and soon I must read the blog .. Always something interesting there … you take care and relax .

    1. Hmmm. I think I’ll stick with flowers as I would soon run out of doors and windows, stuck mostly here. But actually the flowers are meant to cheer, not sure a door or window would do the same.
      And thanks, Len. Take care, you too, my friend.

  2. So beautiful! I didn’t realise they were wrapped in plastic. The way you took the photo, doesn’t reveal anything like that.

    1. Thank you so much, Eleftheria! I you look closely you see a little of the plastic in the photograph, but the main blooms just escaped the top, so I managed to avoid it. I’m glad you like it!

  3. I see a participant in the Venice carnaval, wandering through the crowds with her mask on and an elaborate headdress in vibrant burgundy. It is must be the ‘in’ masque this year because everyone’s wearing the same one. There’s a sense of triste about the bodiless masque, part of the crowd but not really into the festivities – a part of but apart from. We’ve all been there and this year assures that we all have been there. Thanks, Ellie, for this emotive flower.

    1. Absolutely! A Venice carnival participant. You hit the nail on the head, Janet, as usual. This year is certainly different, for all of us. I’m glad you like the photograph, my friend.

  4. Love it Ellie. Amazing colour and the contrast is wonderful. Looks like there’s a light shining through the back of the flowers. Then the dark center really makes it pop. Warm hugs back at you

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