Purple Lupins

Purple Lupins
Purple Lupins

Living in Nova Scotia as I am, I cannot possibly feature a Flower a Day, without sharing photographs of lupins in their various colours! They bloom liberally in the ditches and along the roadsides, filling the countryside with tall blooms from early June for at least 6 weeks. These are purple, but there are white, yellow and pink ones, so you will no doubt see lupins in this project again. Now they are almost gone, so I wanted to get the first one in today to remind myself of their glorious presence before they disappear completely for another year. A Flower a Day #305  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers posted, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-)

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  1. This is another of those possible incredible edibles, but it comes with a cautionary note because some people, those with a peanut allergy, can be allergic to the lupin beans which are the fruit of the lupin. I have not heard of anyone eating lupins here but lupins have long been a food staple going back to the days of the Roman Empire. Today, in eastern Canada at least, the lupin is the plant which brightens the sides of our roads and highways (as Ellie said) with its happy waving arms of whites, pinks, purples and yellows. Everyone should have a patch of lupins in their life somewhere where they can be personally greeted by these tall, stately and proud plants. Thank you, Ellie, for today’s greeting.

    1. Absolutely, they are waving at you and me from the Atlantic shores to the lovely hills and valleys of Ontario – and maybe beyond? I know of someone locally who mooted the idea of harvesting and processing the beans as a project for her young son and herself during the lockdown. I believe the task proved too daunting as the beans themselves are tiny and, I gather, the process is rather complicated. But in the days when people had no ready supply of food and more time than we do in our busy lives, I’m sure this did not put them off. Free food was, after all, free food. For us, their beauty suffices. Thanks Janet.

  2. They are certainly lovely Ellie nothing looks nicer than to drive along the highway and see the whole side covered with lupins of every color. Thanks again for sharing hope you have a great day. Hugs to you and Steve

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