Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower
Purple Coneflower

I love these beautiful big flamboyant flowers blooming in a garden near us. They are seemingly oblivious to the weeds growing around them but have responded to a bit of kindness and care to give superabundantly of beauty. What a great attitude! I wish you all a great day and send a hug your way. A Flower a Day #340 View all posts on the Home page

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  1. The coneflowers are at their prime right now. I agree that they are very beautiful and as I walk around my neighbourhood there are so many of these lovelies to admire. Like a stylish woman, they wear their good looks to their advantage – standing tall and proud with these broadbrimmed hats held aloft on their stems nodding in the breeze to all the passersby. I love them back with an inner smile. Thank you, Ellie, for brightening a foggy day.

    1. Why was I not as aware of these before this year? I imagine you walking around your neighbourhood smiling inwardly at these beauties. As I said to Linda, there’s more tomorrow! Thanks Janet.

  2. Thanks again Ellie. They are amazing flowers aren’t they to see a whole patch of those flowers just takes your breath away. Hope you have a great day. Hugs back to you and Steve.

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