Puppy Play at Joni's Blue Ball Play Station – 71/365

Today I discovered that a jet from a spray bottle is a good reminder to Joni to stop doing naughty things. It doesn't hurt her but gets the message across quickly and effectively. I mean such naughty things as jumping up on my chair when I am eating or when I'm trying to use the laptop on the table. As my chair is also her blue ball station, we have come to a compromise where I can sit on it and she can play with her toys, including her blue ball underneath it. There is room for both of us. Here she is just having fun with Steven in between playing the blue ball game. 

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  1. Oh she did, for sure +Kate Church – unless you experience it yourself, it would be hard to understand how it changes things for the better. 🙂 A small pony! You might be able to saddle him up and go for a ride on him when you get tired! 

  2. Mine is almost pony sized now +Ellie Kennard. We found out through a DNA test he is third generation lab/doberman. His temperament is wonderful, which is great, since I don't even have to bend down to pet him. He is quite a character! It also filled the emptiness in the house when he came home. As a service dog in training he can go everywhere I go and always draws a crowd. I hope Joni did the same for you. 🙂

  3. So cute!
    Used a spray bottle on my cats but it kind of backfired after a while, one of them thought it was so much fun "playing" with the water that he would paw the bottle to make me spray him. Reverse psychology?
    After a while he moved on to the shower, the fishtank and the kitchen sink though :p

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