Now moving into the new season with actual flowers about to make their appearance (not many, at least not yet) I wanted to remind myself and my readers of the last flings of one of last season’s flowers. Here, in these hanging heads are the seeds, the promise of what is to come this year. I am ready for them now, where I was not at this time last year. They can bring on their wild (and even some tamed) beauties! We will be ready for them. They might look a little dull now, but we know what colour and intricate detail they contained in their promise, as they were just preparing to go dormant for the winter – the winter we are just emerging from! So let us hope that we can also emerge in some way stronger and ready to take on whatever challenges come our way. We (I) might feel drab and maybe a little tired at this point, but I am going to make the most of every minute of this coming season. And I will share this ‘most’ that I plan to make here, with you. That is my promise, friends.

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  1. I see these as less of a ‘promise’ and more of a ‘my work is done, time to pass the baton on to the next generation’. Still beautiful, of course, but I see a recognition that the hardlifting is over and rest is on the way. Like our grandparents in their retirement home (and many of us are getting to that point in our own lives too), these white and whispy bent heads remind me of the lovely ladies in their lounges or awaiting their turn in the hairdressing salon – bowed but never broken. It touches a soft spot in my heart for I have always loved the elderly. Thank you, Ellie, for this bit of nostalgia.

  2. Thanks Ellie it is lovely even it it’s seed form. Looks so delicate. Looking forward to the emerging of the new ones.

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