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Just a post because…. because it’s pouring with rain and seeing these photos will brighten up my day (and maybe yours); because flowers, (especially after rain) have a power to lift the spirit and lighten the sadness felt by so many it seems; because this fuchsia cheers me up every time I walk up my path to my front door; because it’s pretty in pink! (See all my floral images on my gallery here: Flora)

Fuchsia Pretty in Pink- Ellie Kennard 2017
Fuchsia Pretty in Pink- Ellie Kennard 2017

This is a wider view of the fuchsia plant, hanging with blooms, each one lovelier than the rest!

Fuchsia - Ellie Kennard 2017
Fuchsia – Ellie Kennard 2017

And last is a fantasy fun blur image, in a tunnel whirl of pink! Have a wonderful weekend. (See all my blurry images in my gallery here: When Life is a Blur )

Fuchsia in a whirl of pink- Ellie Kennard 2017
Fuchsia in a whirl of pink- Ellie Kennard 2017

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  1. Hi Ellie, my name is epa mustopa (indonesian). I agree with your main idea on your post, that flower seems more beautiful when the rain fall. The water on flower look like jewel. I invite you on my blog to share all about flower. Sorry my english is not well yet.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Epa! I appreciate your thoughts. I visited your blog and enjoyed seeing your photographs and reading the content (translated for me by Google translate). I am very sorry to hear about your father. You wrote a lovely piece about it, I think.
      Be well, all the best,

    1. Nice to hear from you, Kim! It’s true that the fun in blur is liberating! I’m glad you liked it. FP does do some lovely examples.

  2. They do Cheer us. They are a lovely color and so delicate looking. It is nice to have them where you pass by all the time. I agree they do lift your spirits, when you are down or just brighten them when you pass by. My mom just loved them. We had them around almost every year. Thanks for sharing

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