In Praise of Friends

Wild flower beside the road
Wild flower found beside the road

This tiny wild flower was on the edge of the road, as if alone, but surrounded by Silene flowers, or campions (catchflies). It turns out to be also a campion, though it looks so different. It stood out looking so different from them and yet at the same time it blended in with the colours being so similar. You can see its companions in the photograph below. We all need our friends, so this is for all of mine and yours wherever you are. I hope your day is one of friendship and love.

Campion, catchfly, Silene
Campion, catchfly, Silene

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  1. A dear little flower, Ellie, standing strong in the sunshine. It almost looks likes it’s waving at its friends in the next photo. A wonderful choice for a heartwarming sentiment. Thank you, Ellie.


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