Practice Session Part One

The Proper Stick for Shaking at Seagulls - Ellie Kennard 2013
The Proper Stick for Shaking at Seagulls – Ellie Kennard 2013
Come ON! It’s a Practice Session For #SeagullButtStickShakingSaturday  – Part 1 of the Tutorial

Yes, you heard right. This is Part 1 of a tutorial on doing just that – Shaking sticks at seagull butts.  Outside of our small area, this sport seems to be little known, but the rewards are so great and the exercise so healthy that it would be good if the sport caught on elsewhere.
Equipment and Dress Code

1. So this weekend, grab A Stick. The one shown here being carried by Steven is a perfect example as it doubles as a walking stick and can serve to confuse the gulls who might think you are just out for a walk, allowing you to get closer to them before starting to shake!

2. Dress appropriately for the sport. A Hat is always a good idea. In fact it is essential . Waterproof (or seagull poo proof) Coat is also recommended. Preferably a dark coloured one, though white will also work, depending on your area. Do a bit of research by scanning the ground near groups of gulls to see the predominant poo colour and dress to camouflage with that and the surroundings. As you see, in our area it is a green colour that fits in best.

Part 2. here:

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  1. +Diana Boyd – a walk is not a walk without some #seagullbuttkicking  as I'm sure are aware. Or at least some #seagullbuttstickshaking  which is less likely to do any real harm. And good exercise.
    did you kick some #seagullbutt   ?

    +Jacqueline Hodsdon – don't hesitate to ask the maestro +Steven Kennard  any questions you have about technique. Once you are properly kitted out, you will quickly get the knack. 😀

    Thanks +Jon Cassill – catch on? It's already a national passtime… in some nation or other. 🙂
    And don't hesitate to take Steven up on our offer. We love to travel for the sake of the art.

    +Christina Lihani – how can you doubt that the hat is essential! LOL. Although with his white hair, any fallout might go unnoticed until you got near enough for the smell to kick in.
    Thanks a lot +Dusty Gedge – and I am sure you got a few tips you might not have known?

    Whose stick do you think would be the favourite +Joyce Fay ?

    Hope you didn't see them +Cora Triton 

    Thanks a lot +Joy mum 

    +Annie Irving – sometimes you can get a good deal on some top quality #seagullbuttstickshaking  gear if you wait for the off season. Or check the local second hand stores. Sometimes people find they're not suited to the sport and give up and their equipment is usually barely used.

    +Ursula Klepper – this handsome guy cannot really look fierce even if he tries. There is always that little smile. But it is useful as it deceives the gulls and he can creep up to them as they think he is harmless. 😀

  2. ;)) You had me laughing +Ellie Kennard that's great!!! Enjoy a lovely weekend… it may just catch on.
    Next time there's a news segment on the Polar Bear Club swimming out on Coney Island I'll be looking for the gang of #SeagullButtStickShakers off in the background.
    Who knows, they may eventually be featured, as the popularity of the sport grows in the NY area.

  3. Hours of innocent fun Ellie! Sadly they are a protected species in the UK (why???), so am writing this from a secure cell in the local police station…  Happy SeagullButtStickShakingSaturday!

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