Planter Flower

Planter flowers, maybe beard tongue
Planter flowers, maybe beard tongue

This lovely plant, in a pot outside a shop in my village, defies my ID apps when it comes to giving me a definite name. The closest it came was to suggest that it might be beard tongue. This sounds a little disgusting, actually, as if it’s a description of your mouth the morning after a particularly hard night, and the photographs I found of beard tongue didn’t actually have this same double ‘clapper’, so I am not sure anyway. The flower reminds me of the cover of a Rolling Stones album, Sticky Fingers, released in 1970. They could have created the graphic from this! The natural world can only be poorly imitated by us, however hard we try. Enjoy this rather cheeky expression to start your day, which I hope is a good one! Until tomorrow, my friends. Flower a Day #325  

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  1. In the right ball park with the beardtongue, Ellie, but I think it is not that. Rather I believe it to be a Chinese foxglove, of which the beardtongue is a variety. I like your analogy to the image that became the Rolling Stone’s signature logo but this one has a forked tongue.(lol). Very pretty colour, especially as it is offset by that greyish dusty-coloured leaves. Thank you, Ellie, for another PFD.

    1. Oh nice detective work, Janet! Sounds right. And the Rolling Stones graphic has a double white dangle coming out which I think is where I made the connection! Thank you for the info and the comment.

  2. Good morning Ellie. It is a lovely shape and design. The name is not that becoming. But when I zoom in and look closely the two stamens hanging there do remind you of a tongue. The name certainly doesn’t do it any credit. It is a beautiful flower thanks for sharing.

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