Pink Violet

Pink African Violet
Pink African Violet

I’m keeping with a gentle theme today in the Flower a Day, though the colour is a stronger pink than yesterday in this beautiful African Violet. This is another one (of so many) that was raised to flowering by Steven from a sad looking specimen. It really is outstanding – soft pink with that darker edge to the petals, fading to the very pale pink in the petals below. Our windowsills give me so much joy, filled with these lovely pots of colour. What I love about these is that you don’t know exactly what the flowers will be like until they bloom each time. In a world where we need them, newly flowered African Violets bring good surprises to my house. I send this to all of your homes, for a little ‘pink flower day’ joy.

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  1. This is the perfect flower for a PFD. They are so sweet. I verily feel hugs and kisses coming from their open faces. Gazing at this pink posy warms me all over and on a day when the temperature at noon is -10 C, a little warmth goes a long way, both welcoming and welcome. Thank you, Ellie (and Steve), for this sweet offering.


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