Pink Squills

Pink Squills
Pink Squills

There are just too many versions of all of my favourite flowers – and many of the squills seem to be appearing in my own garden! I know that we originally planted these bulbs, but there is such a long wait from planting tiny brown bulbs to seeing actual blooms that they give me as much of a thrill as if they landed on their own from outer space. Tax season is upon me and my time is short, so this little break to post this sweet grouping gives me a breather, but can only be a brief respite. This intense period of accounting only comes once a year so I must put my head down and get it done. For anyone else who is in the same boat, (and all who are not) I hope these give a little lift to your day. A Flower a Day #222

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  1. With more of that s**w stuff showing up overnight, it’s wonderful to wake up to a PFD…and these perky little examples in their striped pyjamas are the perfect antidote to the dark brooding skies and howling winds that are dropping the occasional swirl of ice pellets on those venturing forth (which aren’t that many today). Thank you, Ellie, for this welcome pick-me-up.

    1. As it turned out we had a similar day, so I was equally glad to see these lovely flowers to brighten the day. I’m glad if they helped you in the same way. Thanks so much, Janet.

  2. They are lovely Ellie. So delicate looking. Love the little petals with the pretty little stripes both the pink and the blue. They complement each other so nicely. Thanks again hope your day goes well. Hope you’ll soon be finished with your paperwork so you can enjoy the outdoors.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. It’s not my favourite job, as you know, so I will be glad when it’s done. And the flowers do help. Actually what also helps is the rainy/dull/overcast and cool day today, which makes it less tempting to be outside working in the garden! Thanks again.

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