Pink Posy

Sweet William
Sweet William, Dianthus

A pink flower was needed today and so I dived into the undergrowth (last summer) to fetch this pretty Sweet William. After all sometimes a girl (or a guy?) just needs a pink posy. So there is no deep meaning behind it, just a warm hug to all and a hope that you are ‘in the pink’ as the saying goes. And if you are not, that this might just help to get you there.

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6 Responses

  1. A great choice for today, Ellie. Sweet William ticks all the boxes for a PFD – an incredible edible, fragrant, attracts pollinators, possible medicinal properties, lovely to look at, great colour and easy to grow. What more could any one want on a day when the sun also happens to be shining where I am. Thank you, Ellie, for adding to that brightness.

    1. What more could anyone ask? And if you already have the sun, I can only wish you a happy and bright continuation. Thank you Janet!

  2. So beautiful Ellie. I love the colour, love the design and the flowerd just amaze me every time I take a close look at those. Thanks for sharing hope you have a good day.

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