Pink Hortensia

Pink Hortensia
Pink Hortensia

To give us all a break from crocuses for our Flower a Day we are back to the wonderful variety in the Hortensia (hydrangea) family with this lovely pink one. These soft petals make such a lovely posy, contrasted with the greens that have not yet changed colour. I wonder if they would retain these colours wherever they were planted? I know you can affect the colours by what you feed the plant (or even if you bury an iron object into the ground near the roots) but I don’t know if this colour is strong enough to resist such influences. It’s not my plant so I will never know, but maybe a reader would be more informed. I hope this lovely pink posy brings a smile to your faces today, my friends.

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  1. We have a lot in our Biarritz garden and according to the nature of the soil, they are either blue or white or pink!
    A beautiful photo!

    1. Thank you so much Françoise! Your garden there must be wonderful. I hope you get back there very soon to enjoy its beauty. Send us a photo when you do, my friend!

  2. Another PFD is welcome. As I wait in my local garage for my tires to be changed over, the sight of these pink petals happily clustered together reminds me of how long I long to stand shoulder to shoulder again with my dear friends. The soft pastel pinks of this posy served to put me ‘in the pink’ today and so I will be content with that for the time being. Thank you, Ellie, for the PFD.

    1. Don’t we all long for those days to return?! In the meantime we are all forced to be in contact only with comparative strangers – changers of tires, handers over of groceries etc. Our only consolation often is the beauty of nature that surrounds those of us fortunate enough to be able to get out into it. So I’m glad if this pfd has helped a little. I will bring you another ASAP. Thanks Janet!

  3. Lovely soft colors Ellie. Love the scalloped edges on the petals. And it does bring a smile to your face. Thanks again for sharing

    1. I’m so glad it worked for you, Linda! Smiles are not so plentiful that we want to pass one by when it comes our way. Thank you!

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