Pink Fuchsia

Pink Fuchsia
Pink Fuchsia

Can you just feel that warmth that is making these fuchsia fluff their skirts out in a dance on this Flower a Day photograph? I almost can, remembering how I was dodging the hummingbirds who wanted to get past me and into the depths of those folds to find the nectar that was buried there. I wonder how they find the right spot on these kinds of flowers where there doesn’t seem to be an obvious entry for such birds and insects? But I guess they must, as they keep coming back to them. Even if they can’t and the fancy fuchsia are a bit frustrating to them, there are plenty of simpler flowers planted nearby to satisfy their needs fortunately. For us, we will be happy with this vision and the imagined hummingbirds flying around our heads until next year when they all return in their glory – sun, fuchsia, hummingbirds – the lot! Until then, we dream.

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4 Responses

  1. Wow, Ellie. What a gorgeous portrait of the exquisite fuschia. I love the image of you ‘dodging hummingbirds’. That alone makes me smile out loud. I think those trailing thingies are a roadsign for the birds and bees to find the fuschia’s nectar. For some reason, this photo conjures up that Lautrec painting of the ballet dancers, standing around waiting for rehearsal to begin, decked out in their crinolined tutus. I will carry this image with me throughout the day. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. The ‘trailing thingies’ (perfect description) made me smile, even laugh out loud! They probably are meant to be a roadsign but it seems that often the hummers get diverted into other folds in the skirts and miss the target! Yes, that is exactly what they remind me of, too – that painting. Thank you so much for those word pictures and your comment, Janet!

  2. Thanks Ellie they are a beautiful flower love the contrasting colour in them always love how the colour veins out into the petals and then the stamen gives another contrasting color. It is a beautiful image to keep in our mind to let us know that there’s warmer days ahead.

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