Pink Centered Asters

Pink Centered Asters
Pink Centered Asters

Today’s Flower a Day is once again celebrating World Wild Asters Day! This is not, as you might now guess, an annual celebration, but happens at random times, whenever you find a particularly lovely spray of these delicate flowers. These pink centered ones grow at the edge of the wood below a field next to our house in a dark bank. They fairly glowed in that setting, like little floral gems. I hope they bring a glow to your day today my friends.

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    1. Thank you Prue. I have to say that it stopped me in my tracks. I photographed them but the light kept moving as the wind was blowing. Went to the house and saw that I hadn’t got it… Then went back. Fortunately this succeeded.

  1. That’s their job, it seems, to brighten up the dark spaces in the woods. They do it here in Ontario and they do it in Nova Scotia. Chances are very good they do it wherever they grow. And they are so good at it! Bring beauty and joy to cheer up the gloom and the observant passers-by. Happy World Wild Aster Day! Thank you.

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