Pink Azalea

Pink Azalea
Pink Azalea

One of the most surprising (to me) bushes that blooms in the Spring in gardens around us is the azalea. The clusters of delicate flowers have such an exotic look, with their voluptuous florets gathered together like a dancer’s skirts. They seem too fragile to survive through a Nova Scotia winter, but, as you can see they do, and in such elegant style! This pink one is growing in a garden along my walk, and every time I see it I smile with delight at the sight. I hope that your day is filled with moments of such beauty and joy as this azalea brings me. I send a hug out to all of my readers. A flower a Day #259  

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  1. Thanks to your dancer’s skirt comment, I immediately see the high kicking legs of the dancers of the Moulin Rouge poking through their multi-layered crinolined petticoats and I want to join the act (not that I can dance, mind you). But that’s the fun of these entertaining flights of fancy – I don’t have to know how. Thank you, Ellie, for allowing me to take a mental trip to Paris.

    1. And I can just see you doing that too! With your red locks flying above that high kicking boot beneath those skirts. 😀 Thanks for the vision, and the comment, Janet.

  2. It is very beautiful Ellie. And I know when you’re driving along and you see a bush in full bloom it certainly does take your breath away. Amazing variety of colours. Thanks again for that lovely bright spot in our day. Hugs back to you and Steve.

    1. Thanks Linda. You’re so right! They bring so much pleasure. Our own is not blooming yet, so I’ve got that pleasure still to come. (And so have my readers.)

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