Pink and White

Pink and White African Violet
Pink and White African Violet

We had a small snow fall yesterday and a cold rain today, so we are keeping warm indoors with a spotlight on an indoor flower, another of our African violets. This pink and white beauty (which I thought I had already shared) makes me feel warmer just looking at it. It might be comforting because it almost looks as if it’s smiling. You all know that my green fingers can’t claim responsibility for this lovely plant, so, once again, it’s  thanks to Steven for today’s Flower a Day contribution. The detail in the petals never ceases to delight me and hopefully you, too, my friends.

And for those who want something a little bit different, today you can find a treasure I wanted to share in a post entitled “Treasures” as a bonus today.

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  1. Perfection is this tiny pink and white violet. Like a young girl in her Easter finery – a white dress held out with crinolines and sporting the most lovely pink bonnet, surely she is the prettiest girl in the Sunday school. I feel her pride in her appearance and admire her erect posture, evoking admiring glances and jealous whisperings from the others. Thank you, Ellie, for this Easter portrait.

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