Pileated Woodpecker – 74/365

I don't have a long enough lens to get wonderful bird images, but when I had not one, but two pileated woodpeckers around my feeders the other day, I had to get a picture, at least of one of them. Taken through the window, this shows one eyeing the feeder hanging above it. They are the largest woodpecker we have around here and make an impressive noise when they drum on the trees around us. We don't see them very often, but you can always tell when they have found a meal in our trees as they leave huge jagged holes as evidence of where they have been.

#backyardbirdingmonday +Backyard Birding Monday #BackyardbirdingMonday by +Celeste Odono +Ricky L Jones +Marilou Aballe

#myownbackyard by +Craig Pifer

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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  1. Thank you very much +Heiko Mahr – it's so helpful when the wildlife is in your own garden! 😀

    Thanks +Suma Sunil 

    I really was thrilled that I managed to get it, thanks +Darcee McCutcheon 

    +Randy Neufeldt – they really are pretty impressive, both to see and to hear! Thanks a lot.

    Thank you very much +Shelly Gunderson 

    +Freda Coursey – those big ones don't often come down to the feeders as they have plenty to feed on in the trees that have dying branches etc. So it was a rare opportunity to grab a photograph.

    I had never seen one of these in Europe, +Mari Luukkonen – and I think they come only from North America. 

    Thank you so much +Backyard Birding Monday #BackyardbirdingMonday – it is an excellent theme for these nearby captures.

    Not so thrilling at 6 am +Adrian Rodriguez as I know the level of sound they manage to produce on a tree, let alone a gutter outside the bedroom window. I can understand that perhaps you are not quite so fond of them now… 😀

    Thank you +Gisela Heeg 

    Thank you so much Joycee my friend. +Joyce Fay – I was glad to have caught both on film pixels!

  2. Thanks so much +Annette Junge Daugaard 

    Thank you Jackie – that means a lot to me! They are very striking birds. +Jacqueline Hodsdon 

    Thanks a lot Jasbir, my friend +Jasbir S. Randhawa 

    +Sunny Wu – thank you very much.

    Thanks +Shawn R 

    Me too +Julie Jamieson and I was pretty excited to get the two of them so close by, so that I could catch them.

    They are really like the classic cartoon ones, I agree +Lena Konstantinova – thanks so much.

    Exactly +Susanne Stelle – great minds think alike!

    Thanks so much +Freda Coursey – we have to do with what we have and at least the windows were clean! 🙂

    A great compliment, +Becky Humphreys – and so glad you told me about which was which. Thanks a lot.

    +Ursula Klepper – thank you very much, my friend.

    I really wanted to have the feeder as a minor part of the composition but it helped to put the bird in context, so I was glad to have it just there, thanks very much, Nina +Nina Anthony 

    Thank you Sumit! You are the bird photographer inspiration to me. +Sumit Sen 

    Thanks a lot +Jay Rees 

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