Phoenix Nasturtium

Phoenix Nasturtium
Phoenix Nasturtium

And rising from the dark to remind us of the promise of the seasons ahead is this Phoenix Nasturtium. It grew beside Steven’s workshop next to some broccoli, arugula and kale plants, under the butterfly bush. I said all of this so I can remember it all as it was in the warmth and light of summer. It was frequently buzzing and busy with insects while it did its job of being an excellent companion plant to the others. It brightened up that corner so beautifully that it’s hard not to imagine it there, right now, just there… under the snow…. It makes the most delicious and spicy addition to salads and the colour contrasts so wonderfully with the greens. This variety came as part of a mixed pack of nasturtiums and will probably be a self set in the spring. I can’t wait. It’s not far off. Keep that in mind. Happy Sunday everyone.

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  1. It is certainly aply named, this phoenix nasturtium. Fiery orange with split petals resembling wings, it has plenty of energy to keep on rising all season long, brightening up dark corners, like this one …or just generally attracting attention wherever it chooses to set down roots. It has a right to feel smug because this nasturtium is totally unique among the species – for its colour and petal shape. It’s also more compact than most nasturtiums and therefore is a good candidate for growing in containers and other small spaces. And of course, it’s an incredible edible – flowers and pods. But the real delicacy is in the buds which are called capers when fermented. So surprise! You’ve probably already encountered this flower in that form at your local restaurant (back in the day). Thank you, Ellie, for introducing us to another unsung hero of the plant world

    1. This particular flower is absolutely deserving of this glowing tribute, thank you Janet. I can hardly wait to see it again in the summer.

  2. Thanks Ellie it’s a lovely bright colour. Funny how one keeps forgetting about certain things – soon as I read your note I remembered it. remember the spicy taste of it. It is a beautiful flower. Hope you have a great day

    1. I’m so glad it brought back such a vivid memory, Linda. it won’t be long before we’re putting those flowers on our salads again, I hope. Although realistically… Thank you for the comment. I hope you have a lovely day too.

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