Heart of a Peony

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Heart of a Peony

I wondered yesterday, half aloud, if it was time to stop my Flower a Day project. A reader encouraged me with two words: ‘carry on’. So I am. For today’s Flower a Day we have something completely different! Not captured this year, nor with my Helios lens, this is a close up of a peony heart. Steven saw this and suggested it for today. So, as I seldom get requests, I am more than happy to post this for him! This peony grows outside our kitchen door. I can’t wait until it blooms again this coming year. I will hold this memory to warm me today despite the snow outside the window. May this warm all of your hearts today!

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  1. This is lovely, Ellie, like being wrapped in a cloud, or being caught up in a dream. On a day when it is very cold but very bright and lends itself well to dreaming of other places and climes, this flower fills the bill to a T. Usually when I think of peonies, I think of that tight bud crawling with ants working hard to reveal the beauty within. Here you have captured that ethereal beauty for all to admire when the real thing is so fleeting. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. It’s true that we usually think of those tight pink buds. This is a different stage and you can just imagine the perfume wafting from its heart to your face hovering over it! As we are 40cm deep in a fresh snowfall, that vision will have to sustain me as well for the day and for many to come I think. Thanks for the comment, Janet!

  2. I love it Ellie. The soft colours and the furls of the petals they are beautiful. thanks again for sharing your flower of the day it really brightens our day

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