Peony Bud

Peony Bud

Peony Bud

So much promise is held in a flower bud, especially a peony bud, one kissed by rain like this one. It seems to hold all the beauty tightly, just waiting for it to burst out and delight us with the colour and delicacy of the petals and the intoxicating scent. We just get a sense of the first unfurling of the petal in this one, reminding us of late Spring or early Summer flowers to come next year. Let us hold onto that thought through any snow, cold or rain that greets us today. Flower a Day #455

Fall Colours 2021

Tree tops colour

Tree Tops Colour

Today’s Fall Colour 2021 bonus is the first one I took this fall, when, on a walk through the woods I spotted these brilliant tree tops, the first to be touched by the frost this year.

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