Pale Rose of Sharon

Pale Rose of Sharon
Pale Rose of Sharon

I passed by this photograph many times when choosing Flower a Day to share. This pale and imperfect bloom never seemed to be what I was looking for. I often have an emotion in mind when finding a flower photograph and this little one didn’t fit the bill for any of them. Then, today when I saw it I remembered where I took it and why. I was touring my neighbour’s garden and had found some really lovely flowers – wild and cultivated – and then I saw this plant. It was sitting almost hidden at the side of the house in an empty paint bucket. It had no light on it and didn’t appear to have ever been cared for. My neighbour didn’t know what it was as it had been given to her by a friend. I guessed Rose of Sharon, but when I compared it to my beloved Blue Chiffon beauty here I found it a pale insipid specimen. So in a way I felt almost sorry for it. I gave her photograph the same attention that I gave those of the most beautiful flowers that I have captured. And so here she is. Pale Rose of Sharon in her very best look – in her bucket.

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  1. So forlorn a tale, Ellie. A beautiful Rose of Sharon (this one being Rose of Sharon Purple Heart) needs love and attention which involves only a place in the ground where it will get full sun and protection from harsh winds and severe weather. In return, it will fill the day with endless blooms from mid-spring through to late fall. It asks for so little to fulfill its potential and in return promises so much gratification. Just like the rest of us, the right conditions produce the best results. Thank you for that reminder, Ellie.

    1. Isn’t that true, Janet? Despite the poor conditions this plant was producing flowers and making its dark corner more beautiful for it. Thank you also for naming the variety, a perfect description of it in this case. I hope it will have a sunnier spot in the spring and summer this year, to really reach her potential as she grows.

  2. Thank you very much Ellie. I always love the Rose of Sharon. It is a beautiful flower despite the fact that it wasn’t looked after. Love the deep color in the center and how it veins out through the petals. Plus the little yellow stamen in the middle..

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