Pale Poinsettia

Pale Poinsettia
Pale poinsettia

I don’t know about you, but I feel in need of something soft, warm and comforting. I don’t feel at all in the mood for drama or for boldness or colourful excitement in my post today. I want something that I feel I could almost sink into and just be protected from everything. So that’s me today and that’s why I have chosen this lovely, soft, pillowy pale creamy poinsettia to share with you for your Flower a Day. Bear with me. Please let’s keep our voices and actions gentle and kind and we will all get through this day together with love and consideration for each other. That will do it. Thank you all.

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  1. I identify with this proud pointsettia, Ellie…not looking for the limelight but still trying to keep up my appearance even if a little faded. Standing tall in a corner somewhere hoping that some keen observer will notice my effort and reward me with a ‘hello, there’. A little softer around the edges maybe than a few years ago but with a straight back and bright eyes, I maintain my interest in the world around me…and try to give back to it in a comforting way like an old dear sweater. Great choice for a PFD. Thank you, old friend.

    1. I think we can all identify, feeling maybe a little paler than usual from spending more time indoors! But do not feel so sorry for this beauty! She was as fresh and young as her red neighbours lined up near her. Just a rather more exotic blond (?) type. It was her Nordic palor that was her attraction and drew me to her. She reminded me of a soft pale pink duvet on the photo I got. Hence the idea of snuggling down for the day.
      And you look as bright as when you were young, at least to me! 😉


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