Pale Knotweed

Pale knotweed
Persicaria lapathifolia, pale knotweed

For A Flower A Day today, we are going from the frankly flamboyant flower yesterday to the starkly simple and humble pale knotweed* bloom. Simple it may look, but it makes up for this in the official name – Persicaria lapathifolia. Try saying that with a potato in your mouth (as my mother would have said). I like going back to the photographs of the wild plants around us, with their sometimes odd looking flowers. If I hadn’t set myself this project, there is a good chance I would never have noticed so many local interesting plants. I hope you are enjoying my photographic journey of discovery.

*Other names for this plant are pale smartweed, curlytop knotweed, and willow weed.

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  1. Oh, is that what this little plant is called!? We have it here too. It grows in the meadows and at the edges of the forest and along our trails. I like all its names, except for the weed part which is like trying to bring it down and put it in its place, like saying it is lovely but… . I like ‘knot’ in its name. It looks like its been knitted or tatted. It suits….but looks unfinished, like a project in progress. I like the colour choice for this project as well – a graduated pink which holds promise of more. Persicaria Lapithafolia – a big name for a small, but noble, plant. Hold you head high. Thank you, Ellie, once again.

    1. I know. Who would have thought that such a little thing would be encumbered with such a title? But why weed? A weed is a plant where you don’t want it, no need to make it sound obnoxious!
      I’m glad you liked this, Janet. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Ellie. I am enjoying our travels through the flower varieties. There are quite a few that we haven’t noticed that you have brought to our attention and that we will be looking for next year. Love the little clusters of the different colors on that particular flower.

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