Pale Blue Asters

Pale blue asters
Pale Blue Asters

Another World Wild Aster Day is upon us! What flowers could be more subtly beautiful than these wild, pale blue asters, sunning themselves on a bank at the side of the road? Like a butterfly whose wings are slightly tattered, these pale petals clearly have weathered the elements, insects and even passing footsteps. In spite of this, their beauty shines through. Give me the natural imperfect loveliness of these over a pampered, exotic hot house plant any day! I am getting more and more excited at the prospect of seeing the wild flowers as they begin to grow here in the coming season. I know that we are a fair few weeks away from this prospect where I live, but when a photograph such as this one shows me what is waiting for the sun’s warmth to melt the snow and turn the ice to rivulets so that it can burst into bloom, I am fairly dancing with impatience. I know that this project has given me a new appreciation for the native plants here and even a new ‘eye’ to look for and see what is growing around me. Will I still be contributing daily to this project when the growing season for these comes around again? I don’t know. But whether I am or not, I know that I am forever changed by the experience in the best way possible. I know that I look at flowers and plants differently now. I have in previous posts stated the hope that perhaps some of you friends have experienced a similar awakening of this appreciation as you follow my project. I hope so, as my life is definitely richer for it. Enjoy this WWAD for this Flower A Day, my friends.

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  1. Thanks Ellie they are lovely. I to am looking forward to seeing the wild flowers next spring summer and fall. Will be looking closer at them.

    1. Believe it or not, I got my first one today, Linda! If it’s any good it will be for Friday… Otherwise I’ll have another go at it on Thursday.

  2. Resilient and proud, these little blue bonnets with the eager yellow faces are a fine choice for today’s WWAD. Thank you, Ellie, for reminding us that no matter what obstacles life throws at us, we can bounce back and carry on.#

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