Paeony and Fly

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Sharp Focus on Blur : 7

Plus Post Week 7 Blurs and Unsharp Photography:

Toys 'R Us

This is a mentorship all about having fun (the title includes the words 'Guided Play' after all). So we have been pushing ourselves to have more and more fun every week. The pushing happens when we step outside of our comfort zone and try new techniques or experiment with the ones we already know. This week, though, the word 'play' took on a whole new meaning as we were guided to a box full of toys – and not virtual ones, either! We were told by our fearless leader Alex to go out and have non stop fun with the toy box contents. I am not going to let you in on the secret of what was in that box (don't want to spoil the surprise for you if you get accepted to a blur mentorship in the future, as I hope you do) but I can tell you that it didn't involve spending any money! And the best part? We now have those toys and more and can carry on playing for as long as we want! What a great gift we have been given.

This was the penultimate week, we are almost at the finishing starting line. Starting because we have been prepared to go out and continue to develop and grow and, yes, play with everything we have learned. But more about that next time.

Thanks to all in the mentorship – +Alex Lapidus and assisting alumni and other students alike. All have been a terrific inspiration, help and encouragement to me. And of course to the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers that make all this possible, as a free program.

This is all passing so quickly, but now that the toy box has been opened, with so much overflowing, it can never be closed again! I am having too much fun playing to want to stop.

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  1. I have been so busy that I missed so much, but fortunately I get an email when you post something so whyle I am cleaning myovercrowdede-mail account I found this wonderful image and I notice that your peonys are blooming so beautifully!! I am so glad you have such a great time in this mentorship and the results are amazing! xoxo

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