Jam packed chrysanthemums
Jam packed chrysanthemums

This is packed full of warmth and colour for today’s Flower a Day! I wanted to make a splash and I think this fits the bill for me, at least. Full of patterns, petals, light and promise of yet more to come, these chrysanthemums are a bouquet thrown your way along with a hug and wish for a happy Tuesday.

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  1. Vibrant, Ellie, is the word that sprang to mind when first I looked at today’s posting. Followed shortly thereafter by healthy and happy and fairly bursting with life. So, packed is right…packed full of goodness, including your kind wishes to us all. Thank you, Ellie.

  2. Thanks Ellie it is a beautiful pack of bright colour. Nice to see the other ones ready to break out. must have been beautiful on everything was out in blossoms. Was it a flower you had at your place. Sending along hug..

    1. Thanks Linda, I’m so glad you like it.
      No, it wasn’t at our place. I think I photographed that one in New Minas.
      Another hug winging your way.

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