Over So Soon-127/365

I love to see the dandelions that appear in the spring. Two days ago I was photographing the yellow carpet spread out under the trees. Too soon they were over this year, it seems. But the delicate seeds are here, to be spread in the wind. The middle looks like a golf ball, which I had never noticed before. This image is best viewed large and zoomed in to see the detail.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

#floralfriday +FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson +Eustace James

HQSP Flowers #hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers curated by +Kawthar A +Krystina Isabella Brion +Maria B-R +Zita Nahm +Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk

#deadflowersociety +Dead Flower Society by +Don Noll +Alex Ponce

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  1. Thanks a lot +Fred Salagan 

    +Ephrem Gursum – thank you

    Merci beaucoup, +Jean-Louis LAURENCE – en plus, c'est la premiere fois que je contribue a ce theme!

    Thank you very much +Ursula Klepper – no, it was photographed hand held. I made a note (later) above in the posting to see large and zoom in, as the details are what I loved about it.

    Thank you Sumit.

    +William McLean – I think there had already been a small one, or someone needed to tell the time. Not sure if they do that here, to be honest. And thank you, Bill!

    Merci +moussa sow 

  2. Thanks a lot +Shelly Gunderson 

    Thanks +Sunny Wu  

    +Mondial Assistance Brasil – thank you

    Thanks so much +Christin McLeod – and I have enjoyed the leaves cooked as greens already this year, as well as in salads. Too bad not to get them where you are. 

    +Jitendra Mulay – thank you.

    +Christina Lihani – I think ours would continue to grow, except that they get cut down when the grass starts to get mowed. I think that must be it. I never thought why we don't see them after the first lot show. Thanks Christina.

  3. I love them also but, sadly, we don't get many where I am now. I've been covering everyone else's pictures this year and am happy to see yours showing up now. 🙂 I'd never noticed the golf ball resemblance either! Too funny. Beautiful, +Ellie Kennard.

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