Out of the Blues

Sunny flower
Sunny flower

Some days, I admit, it’s harder to raise a smile than others. If for you this is one of those days too, then this flower photograph is specially for you. It is one that I have been saving, one of my favourites. It tells me that when things are not going the way we planned (are they for anyone anymore?) suddenly out of the blue can come a golden moment. If today is good, then remember this happy flower, bookmark the post and come back to it on a day when you need a lift out of the blues. I wish everyone a happy day ahead and send a hug to all.

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    1. And you can’t imagine how much your comment has cheered me, dear Banafshe. We all need each other, that’s for sure, no matter how physically distant we are! If this post and flower cheered you in some small way, that makes me immensely happy.

  1. Sorry to hear your day is not off to the sunny start you’ve given everyone else with this bright and perky little flower. I hope that with its help, you’ll come out of the blues too. Hugs to you.

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