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Steven and Ellie - Wedding December 11, 1981
Steven and Ellie – Wedding December 11, 1981

It’s our 32nd wedding anniversary tomorrow and I thought I would share our wedding photographs that I scanned a couple of weeks ago to preserve them as they are starting to deteriorate. They can do with some work to restore them, but I thought some would enjoy seeing them on the day. We will be out most of the day tomorrow, so I am sharing today. There are only 11 photos in total.

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  1. +Aswin Paloran – thank you.

    Thanks a lot +Giselle Savoie – it was a great day for us!

    Thanks +Sumit Sen – I like it a lot.

    Thank you +PhotographyTalk 

    +Jerry Johnson – thanks for your good wishes. It was a good one, taken just by a good friend of the family, as were all the others in the album.

    +Tara Lyn – thank you very much.

    +Jo A. Alderman – thanks a lot. That's what we are hoping for. 🙂
    +Ric Wooldridge – that is what we have in our hearts, so we are happy to be together waiting for forever.

    +Florence Gamiao – that's the plan! ;-)))

    Thank you so much +Gina Beck 

    +Syed Shahjehan thank you very much!

    Thanks so much +Marilou Aballe – a few more wrinkles, that's for sure, but happier now even than then.

    What a lovely thing to say, Andy! Thank you. We are planning to. So far so good. It even snowed for us, so we can try out our new snowshoes. 🙂 +Andrew Westbury 

    Thanks very much +Annie Irving

    +Rani John Many good memories, and many more to come!

    Thanks so much my dear parents in law. You two are the best! +Derek Trixie Kennard 

    +ADAM WIGANT. No tak, miał brodę w tamtych czasach (i to się nie wyglądają wspaniale?), Ale teraz znalazł maszynki i pianki! Ha ha.
    Translation: Well yes, he had a beard in those days (and didn't it look great?) but now he has found the razor and foam! Ha ha.

    Thank you +Ahmad Nayel 

    Thank you so much sir M! You are right, we are just a couple of lovebirds. 😀
     +Martin Matejic 

    +Cynthia Gibson – and you know what a special day every day is for us! Thank you so much.

    Thanks a lot dear +Joyce Fay – probably won't get a chance to speak to you today, but hopefully tomorrow.

  2. +luca lancieri – thanks a lot!
    +Michael Anderson – that's where we are hoping to get! How did you guess?

    +Carole Surey – what a lovely anniversary surprise, seeing you on here! Thanks, dear Carole.

    +Page de Paul Paradis – en effet! Tres beaux. Merci beaucoup.

    +Ursula Klepper – such lovely words, thanks so much, my G+ friend from aross the water and giver of spoons when needed!  🙂 The snowshoes might be able to be tried on Thursday as we will get a little snow between now and then.

    Thanks very much +Lou McCorkle 

  3. +Richard Ball – thank you my friend. You are right about that. Everything worthwhile takes work. Sounds like you know about it too. 

    Thank you +Karen Fischelt and +Bette Kauffman 

    +Robin Griggs Wood – we look so young! Thank you so much. 🙂

    대단히 감사합니다

    THanks a lot +Dale Atkinson and for going through the album, too!

    Thanks a lot +Tanya Brayer – we plan to! At least have supper in our favourite restaurant in the city! And spend the day together which is already wonderful. (But of course we spend most of every day together anyway, so that is pretty normal for us.)

    +Nadia Pewinski – thanks very much.

    Thank you +Linda Stokes 

    +Michael Wood – yes, short in a way. Time goes too quickly. Thank you.  

  4. Oh you two look so happy and beautiful! What a bless! So many years and still together! And you didn't change much till then, and you both still have this smile on your faces! Congratulations to you! I wish you a most wonderful day tomorow and many years from now on walkings hand in hand with the new snowshoes!! xoxoxo

  5. Thanks so much +Elizabeth Lund – he was pretty cute, wasn't he? So young!
    +Christina Lihani – I posted this a day early as we are out tomorrow. Steven has an eye appointment in the city and we will be having our anniversary meal there at our favourite restaurant. You are a sweetheart, thank you so much!
    Today we were getting each other our anniversary presents. Not very romantic, but lots of fun… snowshoes 😀 We love to walk when we can and it's hard in the winter.

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