Our Own Magnolia

Our Magnolia
Our Magnolia

I really wanted rain for my wildflower seeds that I had planted, and a couple of days ago I got my wish. In buckets. And with practically gale force winds. So that was the end of our beautiful magnolia tree blossoms for this year. I had managed to take a few photographs of the flowers a little while ago, after rain also, but not such destructive winds. Here is one of them, and so you can see what my view has been for the past few weeks (longer than usual this year) I am sharing a photo of the full tree below. When we moved here, 24 years ago, this tree was just over 6 feet tall. It reaches almost to the top of the roof of our two story house now. It’s almost overpowering with the scent of magnolia when the flowers are in bloom. One of the prettiest sights (couldn’t catch a photo, though, I’m sorry to say) is when the bright yellow male goldfinches are perching among the pink and white blooms. Such a feast for the eyes. Enjoy your day, my friends. A flower a Day #256  

Magnolia Tree 2021
Magnolia Tree 2021

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8 Responses

  1. Thank you for the photo of your spectacular magnolia tree! That incredible bloom touched by raindrops is absolutely perfect! ❤️

    1. You are most welcome, Lynne. I did promise to show you earlier this month, and now you see it! It lasted longer than usual this year and then went all at once. I’m so glad you like the individual flower, too. Raindrops always make a flower special, it seems.

  2. Magnificent Magnolia! To me, that says it all. The raindrops on the delicately veined magnolia flower demonstrates how the magnolia achieves that glory. Thank you, Ellie, for a perfect PFD.

  3. That is such a magnificent flowering tree!, and to think that it has the perfume as well! I continue to enjoy your photos and commentaries Ellie. You are very talented!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment, Kathy. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy seeing and reading the posts. Have a lovely day, love to you both from us both.

  4. Good morning Ellie that certainly is an amazing view to have every morning for a few weeks anyway. Thanks so much for sharing sad to see them gone. Hope you have a lovely day

    1. Every year I look forward to it, Linda, and so do many in the neighbourhood. Thanks so much for your comment. It is sad they are gone, but there is always next year. Have a lovely day yourselves.

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