Oriental Lily and Friday Bonus

Oriental lily
Oriental lily

Good day everyone. Today’s happiness post this Friday again brings a bonus image! I hope this  post might bring a smile to my viewers twice! The first one you see was in the garden of a friend of ours and is an oriental lily. It is so flamboyant and cheering, perfect for making the dullest day feel brighter. I don’t know how the colours in the flower and the orange stamens don’t clash, as you might expect, but they just work together here.

And below we have the bonus image of a liatris spicata flower. It’s one I found on a night walk down the main street of Canning, in a pot just outside a shop and I was drawn to its exotic bottle brush effect, behind the velvety grey leaves. It had such a rakish air and seemed so out of place that I almost laughed out loud when I saw it.

liatris spicata
liatris spicata

I hope that this day has brought (or will bring) a measure of joy in your lives. I send love to all my friends. See you tomorrow!

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  1. The first image, the day lily, highlights the wide diversity of the day lily family and the second image reminds us of the great diversity amongst the flora on the planet. This plant has a different idea of what a flower is. Different from each other but both beautiful.

  2. What a treat for our eyes! I was thinking the same thing, how nicely the colours of the Oriental lily work together…As for the second one…simply gorgeous.

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