Orange Kalanchoe

Orange kalanchoe
Orange kalanchoe

A bright splash of orange, from this beautiful Kalanchoe is today’s Flower a Day posting to lift your spirits. This plant was lit by shop lights in a rather busy, crowded environment where I didn’t have the luxury of moving the plant to a better location. I have to make do with the available light often and I quite enjoy the challenge this presents at times, but I am always pleased when the flowers featured in the photograph don’t suffer too much from the limitations of the location. It occurred to me that at the moment we are hemmed in and restricted by our individual situations too. Like this plant, we are stuck where we are. I think that if we work at it though, we can let our available light through to highlight the beauty, despite the difficulties presented to us. At least I will try to make that work for me and hope it works for you all, too.

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4 Responses

  1. My first impression of today’s post was that it wasn’t a Kalanchoe but an orange hydrangea cluster. I thought the petals are similar. However, there is no botanical relationship between the two. The Kalanchoe is another incredible edible – their leaves that is. This bright and happy specimen reminds me of some of the spectacular sunsets we’ve been seeing lately in Ontario. However, you look at it, it is a feast for the eyes, as well as the body. Thank you, Ellie, for this cheerful sustenance.

    1. A sunset flower it truly is! Thanks Janet! While I don’t have this particular one, I do have others and wonder how I would prepare the leaves? Maybe just keep them on the plant to support the flower growth!

  2. It is beautiful bright and cheery. Have to agree with your sentiments about being in the situation where we can’t move around as we would like. But one of these days we are going to have the freedom to get around. This little plant has brightened us today and when we get that freedom it’ll brighten us all for a long time. Thanks again for sharing hope you have a nice day today sending along a hug.

    1. Thanks, linda! I know that we all are so much looking forward to that time! In the meantime, we have spring to look forward to with some bright flowers in our gardens as well, I hope. That way I won’t have to Scrabble about in the dark trying to take pictures of flowers in Home Depot.

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