Orange Cosmos

Orange cosmos
Orange cosmos

Some flowers are so vibrant it’s almost shocking. These orange cosmos fall into that category, so if you haven’t had enough coffee today, perhaps the bright colours in these will give you a boost to get your day started. These were also growing outside the farm shop in a planter, so I had a rich harvest of flowers from that particular location that day. Have a great day, friends! View all posts on the Home page A Flower a Day #344

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  1. A harbinger of the fall colours to come maybe?Since they bloom later in the season perhaps their purpose is to prepare us for the display of autumn’s palette. One can only hope that this year’s will be as grand as these blossoms are today. Thank you, Ellie, for setting our expectations high.

    1. I’ll let you have the autumn palette, but please don’t wish the season in is just yet! Steve still has lots of painting left to do and the firewood isn’t even delivered for the winter yet. But if we have as colourful a fall as this, I agree that it will be a joy and take a bit of the sting off the passing of the summer. Thanks again, Janet.

  2. Good morning Ellie. I would have to say that is very impressive display of color. Thanks so very much for sharing it does give you a boost a lift and a smile on your face. Hope you have a great day.

    1. And thank you for the comment which does the same for me, Linda. It’s been a lovely day, let’s hope there’s not too much rain to follow.

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