The Old Barn and Tree in Winter

The Old Barn and Tree Ellie Kennard 2012
The Old Barn and Tree Ellie Kennard 2012

Today, in searching for posts to fit a theme “In the Countryside”, I rediscovered this one from over 6 years ago, though the scene is not too dissimilar today. In the post below I mentioned that we were expecting snow very soon and I know from later posts we did get hit with blizzards not long after. This year, however, the snowfalls have been almost immediately followed by thaws and then rain and then sudden freezes, making walking on the ice extremely risky. So today, after a light snowfall last night, not followed by rain this time, you would see there a scene not unlike the one above, though we are now late in February. Except that today there is a brilliant sun shining on the white of the snowy landscape.

Original Post: December 20, 2012 – 355/366 – The Old Barn and Tree – in the Snow

This old barn, you have seen before, but this time it is in a light snowfall. The tree is such a beautiful shape, beside the lovely bowed roof of this barn. It’s one of my favourite sights when I drive along this road.

The seasons are changing and soon this landscape should be under a thick blanket of white – under normal weather expectations, which I do wonder if we will ever experience again. In one of the early photographs of this barn, taken from the other side, someone spotted an eagle sitting in the tree. The eagle is here again, though a little harder to see.
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