It’s Not Just About the Moon

Supermoon with Clouds, Minas Basin, November - Ellie Kennard 2016
Supermoon with Clouds, Minas Basin, November – Ellie Kennard 2016

When we were out photographing the moon last night, Steven said something that resonated with me when I saw this image. He said “it’s not only about the moon, it’s about what’s around and under it”. And this photo is about the moon, but also about the clouds, the light reflected on the waters and the shining mud of low tide, as well as the tiny lights glimmering on the shore on the other side of the bay.

It’s so much more than just a beautiful big moon. It’s what it’s all about when I’m out with friends, in beautiful surroundings, in the still of a cold night as the moon rises through the clouds over the Minas Basin, in Nova Scotia.

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  1. So true, so true, Ellie. Sometimes it’s the context that makes the subject. Love the color…we had that here in Chicago last night. Delightful pinks and peaches in the sky!

    1. Thanks a lot, Sandi! We aren’t that far from Chicago as all that, and, after all, it is the same moon! But what a wonderful selection of different photographs of that moon we have seen over the past couple of days. It’s been an inspiration!

  2. Beautiful picture Ellie! It had such a serene and calming effect for me! I can remember many nights walking and taking a moment to reflect while watching the night sky and listening to the silence! Thanks!

    1. Joanne, this really made me feel so happy, reading how my photograph affected you in such a positive way. Thank you for writing to express it so beautifully! I feel just the way you describe, especially when facing such serene beauty.

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