New Dahlia

New Dahlia
Dahlia not quite open

We are back home with this flower photograph, a dahlia which is not quite open. I loved the patterns in it and the slightly curled unfurling petals edged with pink. Steven loves to grow dahlias and we have quite a few now. There was a risk of the first frost last night when I was preparing this post and I knew that by the morning we might well have lost them for this year, so I wanted to share this, a memory of the warmth of summer which is fast fading. I hope it cheers all who see it today!

Update: As I post this this morning, I see that the dahlias, all close to the house are safe, though the frost did come. So we have more beauty from them to enjoy for a short while at least.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you like this one, Janet and thank you for your comment. Tousled… Excellent words to describe this one.
    Have a great time, I will miss your daily comments but look forward to seeing your photos on your own site when you get back.
    Fall colours! We seem to be so far from that at this point. Most leaves here are so holding green.

  2. So beautiful, Ellie, with its head of tousled petals as if just woken from sleep.
    Am leaving today in search of fall colours, so won’t be able to comment for a week. Talk to you when I’m back. Keep up the lovely posts in the meantime.

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