New: Another Tell Me A Story Audio Release

Audio version of this “Does Your Chicken Have a Pépie” story now available as part of the extended content feature and on the Tell Me a Story page.

Let me read you this story here or on the linked page using the audio player while you browse the images, or you can subscribe to the podcasts as I will be recording my stories in that form.


…I leaned on the fence feeling utterly defeated. The factory hum of bees in the Linden blossoms, the loudest interruption of the peaceful afternoon, went completely unnoticed. I wasn’t taking in any of the pastoral beauty spread out before me, as I watched my little flock of hens in the yard, lying in the shade …

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    1. Thank you, dear Cynthia for your lovely comment. I really appreciate this, especially coming from someone whose talent I am also in awe of!

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