Negative Space

In album Weekly Photo Project 2013

The theme of this week's Weekly Photo Project (for those who don't know) is Negative Space – in the photographic principle sense, or however you want to interpret it.

I took this after leaving the peace of the wetlands habitat where I was photographing the mallard. I had been looking for some negative space in that environment, but all I found was positive space everywhere I looked. Then I came up the hill towards the car and saw this. It seemed as negative a space as I had come across that day. But of course it has the negative space above it, photographically speaking. And that does serve as a foil to the complication and intricacies involved in the subject of the building and title…. 

#WeeklyPhotoProject2013 +Weekly Photo Project 2013 curated by +Andrew Willard , +Iain Harley and  +Tiina Niskanen
Week 39: Negative Space

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