Nasturtium flower
Nasturtium flower

Today’s summer memory is a bright one, another nasturtium for our Flower a Day treat. This is probably one that looks more familiar, unlike the one a little while ago (the Phoenix) which was unique. This one is equally delicious and spicy on a salad. Even the leaves of these plants are edible, which is pretty wonderful when they even manage to sow themselves if you leave them alone. This is another gift plant, one that will soon be brightening our flower and vegetable beds. They are excellent companion plants to broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, tomatoes and so many more, promoting the health of other plants. Some people are just like that, aren’t they? You feel better just being around them. Here’s to those people in our lives who are like nasturtium flowers – beautiful souls who add spice to our lives while being good companions.

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  1. Doesn’t it just look yummy? A feast for your eyes…or one for your tummy – your choice. Meet the talented Mr. Nasturtium, incredible edible, botanical buddy supreme or just a lovely addition to the garden. A simple flower to all appearances, evenly rounded petals to match its leaves and a solid shade of bright colour – a delight in very sense. Thank you, Ellie.

  2. I just love the bright colours of these flowers – of course they are very tasty too and it’s nice to see them in a big group. The oranges the yellows the green leaves behind are lovely.

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