I have searched my various plant ID apps to try to find what this is, but today’s Flower a Day remains a mystery to me. Maybe a savvy reader will be able to enlighten us all, so feel free to leave a comment if you do! I just loved this little spray of … what? buds? flowers? leaves? I took the photograph too long ago now to remember and I’m pretty sure that I was mystified even then. Not knowing its name does not stop it from being today’s feature, as I hope you all agree that it is a lovely specimen of something or other. I’m not even sure where I took it, although I suspect it was near a stump in our garden…. maybe a kind of bindweed? Mysteries are such fun, so I leave you with this one (and a hug) for today. Enjoy!

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  1. Mystery plant indeed, and not a lot of clues to go on- just buds, a bit of stem and leaves, a promise of colour, maybe. Always up for a challenge, I racked my feeble brain with the help of google (lol) and at the risk of great embarrassment offer the following suggestion: could it possibly be, perhaps, maybe the lowly Common Marsh Bedstraw? That’s the best I can do with this sweet example of promise-to-be-fulfilled, not unfitting for the few remaining days of a trying year with the new one just around the corner and all the hope that brings. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Thanks for giving this such a lot of effort, Janet (you and Google!). It is possible that you solved the mystery (the background greenery is not necessarily part of this same plant, which is a little confusing), we might never know. I’m just as happy either way – leaving it a mystery or thinking it is solved. Thanks again!

  2. It’s such a lovely tiny set of flowers! I love your sense of humour in describing it
    Merry Christmas to you and Steven

  3. Good morning. Love the mystery. I like the pinky colour with the very soothing green looks like it’s about to blossom. But I certainly don’t have any idea what it is. Looking forward to the mystery being solved.

    1. Thanks Linda. In a way I will be okay with this mystery either way – solved or unsolved! One day next year I might solve it, if I keep my eyes peeled.

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