(Probably) Immature Wood Duck


Until I learn otherwise, I am saying that it is probably an immature female wood duck, as identified by +Mike Goodwin and seconded by +Stephen Thackeray – thanks a lot you two! I will change the title once we are 100% sure.

Another young bird photographed on the same overcast rainy day in Miner's Marsh in August. I thought it was a young mallard, but I see more clearly now that it probably isn't, as there seem to be no photographs of mallards with white stripes around the eyes and the base of the bill is not the right colour. There are many wrong things about it (not wrong, of course, just wrong for mallard) in my thinking, so I am stumped here. My bird app has not come up with an answer. Can you?

If you can identify it I will amend the title with the species name and credit you with the identification! (Now there's incentive for you! 😉 – it can be a real claim to fame. LOL)

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  1. J'ai utilisé la traduction de google plus pour bien comprendre.Je ne pense pas que ce soit un canard en bois "wood duck" mais pour savoir si c'en est un ou pas il faut le capturer et si il pond des oeufs c'est que c'est une femelle et qu'il n'est pas en bois…..j'ai honte mais j'ai honte!!! bisous à vous deux

  2. +Marilyn Benham – that's what I first thought. But with the face markings it doesn't look like any mallards I have seen (and we used to breed them in France, too). I've never seen a mallard with white around the eye and with those streaks of white on the face. Also looks as if it might have a small crest developing?


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