My Husband is in Love with an American Beauty (Lathe, that is) – 17/365

In the spirit of treating this project at times like a journal, I had to share this great moment in Steve's workshop. He has today taken delivery of a Robust Tools "American Beauty" lathe, built especially for him. He has been invited to be the dealer in these wonderful wood turning lathes for Eastern Canada, so this is a momentous occasion in more ways than one. Now he will be working on more beautiful turned pieces and you can see some of his earlier work here: 

For my #365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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  1. Hi Steven ;
    I remember you quite well from your visit to our club, was it last year?? I have been reading about the Robust lathes in the AAW magazine and always liked the look of them. How much do they cost? there never seems to be any price quoted. The Oneway lathes ,made in Canada are very expensive, the ordinary guy who is not turning for a living, could hardly afford one. Are the Robust prices about the same as the Oneway? Congratulations on being selected as the Robust representative. Cheers.

    Don Jacobs,Mount Pearl NL
    (Avalon Woodturners club).

  2. +Karen j Kamps Kamps – thanks so much. He does do beautiful work and more will be on the way as he is in the middle of working on new pieces.

    +Ursula Klepper – you are most welcome! He is one very happy man, as +Heiko Mahr – this lathe is, for him, like a dream come true. He was so excited to be approached about being a dealer for them. (They select their dealers from among the well known wood turners who will be able to understand and use their products, to be able to show them off.) This meant he could have his own true beauty of a machine.

    He has been turning for well over 30 years now, +Chris Miller and it just ,keeps getting better! Stay tuned as he will share new work on his page!

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